Smooth Ambler halting production on Old Scout Rye.

It was mentioned first on Reddit and confirmed on Twitter earlier today.  Smooth Ambler is halting production on their Old Scout Rye for the time being.  This was posted on their FB page:

“Smooth Ambler Old Scout Rye Update

Effective immediately, we are pausing production of Old Scout Rye as it has existed, and consider this a temporary interruption in our rye whiskey supply. We have outpaced our projections for how long this stock of rye whiskey would last, and while that’s a great problem to have for a small company like ours, as we near the last group of these barrels we needed to make a tough decision about how to proceed.

Going forward, select iterations of Old Scout Rye will be available sporadically at our Gift Shop and in small allocations throughout some of our distribution area. In a bottle with a different label, but one which will be reminiscent of the standard Old Scout Rye, we will begin to release older, judiciously-selected whiskey of rare quality and limited quantity. From day one, and in both the grain-to-glass and merchant-bottled parts of our business, we have committed ourselves to attempting to release good stuff at fair prices and to be forthcoming with our customers about what we’re doing and why. This conversion of Old Scout Rye from a standard bottling to a special limited-release item will be no different. We will make every effort through social media and our distributors to let our customers know when these releases become available in West Virginia, and in other areas.

Simply put, folks: we’re running out.

At this time there is NO supply issue with Regular Old Scout, Old Scout Ten, Contradiction, or Revelation Rum. We will continue to bottle a little Yearling each year, and at long last our housemade bourbon, after six summers in the rickhouse, will be released this fall. As soon as we are able to secure additional rye whiskey we will resume production of Old Scout Rye.


Time to bunker up?  Thoughts?


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