Inside the mind of a bourbon fanatic…[New Blog Post]

The brain of a bourbon fanatic is wired differently than other people, and unless you are in the hobby, it can be hard to tell why we act or think a certain way.  A lot of our motivation comes from finding bourbon, either on a shelf of our local, in a dusty old liquor store on an abandoned highway, or on the shelf of some new restaurant that has no idea how special the bottle is.  And that motivation drives a lot of our daily thought process that you might think is unusual.  For example:

  1.  Your child has an upcoming sports tournament in some small town out of state.  Everyone is annoyed at the location except for you because you sense the great opportunity to find dusty bourbon in that area and have already begun looking for liquor stores on Google Maps.
  2.  You take a wrong turn on the way to the farmer’s market or some new trendy restaurant and you go through a very seedy area of town.  Your significant other is anxious for you to find your way out, but you are too busy looking side to side for the worst looking liquor store you can spot to mentally map out a return trip.
  3.  You go into a new restaurant with your loved one.  The host is seating your partner while you walk up to the bar to visually scan the bourbon selection.
  4.  A friend mentions they have a work trip in Kentucky next week.  Your first two thoughts are, ‘Are they driving?’ and ‘How close to Bardstown will they be?’.
  5.  You are late leaving work and headed home for dinner.  You pass by a house with an Estate Sale sign.  If you weren’t late you would stop by and see if you can find a liquor cabinet to look through.
  6.  You have planned a family trip to DC.  Everyone else is planning the sequence of museums you will visit but you are too busy figuring out when you will hit Jack Rose.
  7.  Someone plans a lunch meeting on a Wednesday, but you know that is delivery day for 2 of your local stores and it’s November, so you reschedule.
  8.  Your wife orders two boxes from Amazon.  One box is small, so you recycle it.  The other could easily fit 2 bottles for shipping, so you take it down to the basement or the garage.
  9.  The thought of getting a storage unit to hold all your booze has crossed your mind at least once.
  10.  You have a work trip planned and before you bought the plane ticket you arranged to meet up with some online bourbon friends once you are there.
  11.  Beach vacations are tough for bourbon guys.  We need to bring enough bourbon that we don’t get stuck with just 1 or 2 bottles.  Significant others, please don’t get mad when you see how many we end up bringing.
  12.  You see someone in a local bourbon group post a picture of a new barrel pick from a store with a fancy sticker on it.  In your head you call them a complete tater, but then you secretly make plans to drive up to that store as soon as you finish work.

You see, our brains work a little differently than others, so cut us a little slack when we act strangely.  Most of the time we have good intentions….unless we are hiding the credit card statement.

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