First Impression

First Impression of 2016 Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel

[Generic section where I describe stuff about Four Roses] Four Roses is a distillery in Kentucky.  They make awesome bourbon.  Blah, blah, blah… No wait, their bourbon is terrible.  Avoid it, especially the Limited Edition ones and the Private Store picks.  Go for Orphan Barrels.  Much better use of your…

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First Impression: Orphan Barrel Forged Oak

Forged Oak by Orphan Barrel Price : $65 retail Age : 15 years Nose : Beautiful.  Caramel, honey, a burning fire in a fireplace, that smell you get if you are running outside in early winter after it’s rained….like wet leaves.  Little bit of pepper.  Very nice indeed. Palate : Smooth,…

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It burns a little… (First Impression – 2014 William Larue Weller)

(Unnecessary Disclaimer: I don’t think it’s fair to review something I’ve only tried once, so I’ll post First Impressions instead of Reviews until I’ve had time to properly try something multiple times). There is a phrase that bourbonites say when they drink really strong stuff, the phrase is, “it burns…

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