A visual review of Woodford Reserve 1838 Style White Corn









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  1. Chris Biblis

    I just started reading your blog, have to say your impression of white style corn leads me to question your tastes and options. It would like to see you describe your tasting notes and which profiles you did not like or felt that were lacking. As someone that enjoys tasting many different styles of whiskey weather it be bourbon or not, your childish review leave someone thirsting for viable reviews very disappointed. Was it that white corn was different than yellow corn, was it that it was too light in body, was it the very unique profile, was it that it lacked the carmel or vanilla notes, was it that is was just a simple but smooth sip? I would love to hear your honest thoughts and also would like to hear a review on Slaughter House American Whiskey or Eagle Rare to see what you favor in your flavor profile. Sorry to come at you but if you are going to blog such a simple review from Woodford, I have to call you out.

  2. […] Woodford Reserve White Corn was released in 2015, but the bad taste of it lingered long enough to last into 2016.  And then […]

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