2016 Michter’s 10 Review (from both my dog and I)

My review:

First off let me say this.  Some of the Distilleries and Non Producing Distilleries have exceptional customer support.  Buffalo Trace, Smooth Ambler, and Willett are ones that come to mind, always going above and beyond to keep their customers happy.  I had not known until recently that Michter’s is easily in this company of exceptional support.  A friend of mine discovered a crack in the wax of a very old Michter’s bottle he owned, contacted them, and they sent him a replacement immediately.  Another friend of mine had some questions about one of the products, and the President set him up with a phone call with the master distiller, Willie Pratt.  And personally from my standpoint, the company is always very responsive about product info, product samples, and are just generally friendly, good people.  I love that about a company and it makes me want to support their products even more.

I will admit I was not a big fan of the 2015 Michter’s 10.  It had a beautiful nose, but the taste and finish just didn’t match that aspect.  I thought it tasted particularly young for a 10 year old bourbon, and the finish did not linger long enough for me.  I tried it multiple times, but it just never came around for me.

When I first tried the 2016 version of Michter’s 10, I had the same feeling as the 2015.  Awesome nose, not enough on the palette and finish.  But I revisited this bottle a few times since then, and I was relieved to find that this one had opened up with air.  The nose is what you would expect from a single barrel 10 year bourbon, that nice and smooth caramel, butterscotch smell that we all have come to know and love with bourbon.  At 94.4 proof, the entry is smooth, with very little burn.  Honey and oak are easy words that come to mind on this one, and play together quite well.  Pepper comes to play on the mid palette, with a nice subtle burn, just enough proof for it to linger a little before making way to a maple syrup kind of finish.  At $120, it’s quite a hefty price tag for this bottle.  I can’t say if it’s worth it value wise, that’s for you to decide.  I can say that it opens up nicer than 2015, and I am enjoying it now.  It’s also one of the nicest looking bottles around, I love the shape and look of it, it makes a nice addition to any bar.

Coco’s Review:


I have grown accustomed to by owner’s cologne, as every time I near him these days he smells like this stuff.  It’s not a bad smell, it’s just not what I prefer.  I prefer more of the rear end……Is that a squirrel over there?……..anyway, I think it smells ok, but I like that it makes my owner eat and drop Doritos on the floor…..Did I just hear something?……anyway back to my review.  I licked the glass when my owner set it down to go get more and I have to admit I don’t care for it.  Though not picky when it comes to solid foods, I really only like delicious toilet water.  Sweet nectar of the gods right there.  The Doritos bag is coming out, gotta go!


More information about Michter’s and it’s long history can be found here.

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