A tribute to my late friend Adam.


Today, I watched as a friend of mine was lowered into the ground.  As I stood in the direct light of the sun, in a full suit, I felt the countless beads of sweat falling down my back as I stared at a plain wooden casket descending.   I just couldn’t believe…

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Buffalo Trace announces a new rare bottle lineup we had never heard about.


Sounds like we really don’t need to worry about hunting for this one until the Spring of 2017.  Thank goodness, I’m already broke and it’s not even October! BUFFALO TRACE DISTILLERY INTRODUCES O.F.C. RANGE OF VERY RARE AND COLLECTABLE VINTAGE-DATED BOURBONS   First Offering Only Available to Non Profits for…

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Review of 2016 Sazerac 18


First off I would like to thank Buffalo Trace for providing me samples of the 2016 Antique Collection.  I have tried all of them, and will post the other 4 later, but I felt like Saz 18 needed its own review. See, for starters, Sazerac 18 is my baby.  She…

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Buffalo Trace announces 2016 Antique Collection


The annual Buffalo Trace Antique Collection press release came out today.  Some interesting notes: Stagg is 144.1 proof this year, that’s crazy high!  As usual, there wasn’t much, so it’s going to be hard as heck to find again. Sazerac 18 is now current product instead of the tanked product…

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An unexpected surprise on the Bourbon Trail


The alarm went off at 7:40am on our first full day on the bourbon trail.  6 hours earlier we had just gone to bed completely full on pizza.  Groggy, still full, still half drunk, we all got dressed and stumbled downstairs for some breakfast (because we needed more carbs obviously). …

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Beam blew it with the Knob Creek 2001 release.


I don’t know if Beam Suntory handles the marketing for Knob Creek, or if an outside company does, but someone really blew it with this release.  Beam Suntory, who also distills and produces Booker’s, came out with 2 big releases this summer.  One was Booker’s Rye, a 6-8k bottle, one…

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First Impression of 2016 Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel


[Generic section where I describe stuff about Four Roses] Four Roses is a distillery in Kentucky.  They make awesome bourbon.  Blah, blah, blah… No wait, their bourbon is terrible.  Avoid it, especially the Limited Edition ones and the Private Store picks.  Go for Orphan Barrels.  Much better use of your…

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