An unexpected surprise on the Bourbon Trail


The alarm went off at 7:40am on our first full day on the bourbon trail.  6 hours earlier we had just gone to bed completely full on pizza.  Groggy, still full, still half drunk, we all got dressed and stumbled downstairs for some breakfast (because we needed more carbs obviously). …

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Beam blew it with the Knob Creek 2001 release.


I don’t know if Beam Suntory handles the marketing for Knob Creek, or if an outside company does, but someone really blew it with this release.  Beam Suntory, who also distills and produces Booker’s, came out with 2 big releases this summer.  One was Booker’s Rye, a 6-8k bottle, one…

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First Impression of 2016 Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel


[Generic section where I describe stuff about Four Roses] Four Roses is a distillery in Kentucky.  They make awesome bourbon.  Blah, blah, blah… No wait, their bourbon is terrible.  Avoid it, especially the Limited Edition ones and the Private Store picks.  Go for Orphan Barrels.  Much better use of your…

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For Immediate Release BUFFALO TRACE DISTILLERY CONTINUES TO EXPAND TO MEET RISING DEMAND WITH $200 MILLION INVESTMENT Growth Needed as Buffalo Trace Provides 4TH Annual Bourbon Supply Update FRANKFORT, FRANKLIN COUNTY, KY (May 19, 2016) Buffalo Trace Distillery is happy to be a part of bourbon’s continued rise in popularity,…

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2016 Michter’s 10 Review (from both my dog and I)


My review: First off let me say this.  Some of the Distilleries and Non Producing Distilleries have exceptional customer support.  Buffalo Trace, Smooth Ambler, and Willett are ones that come to mind, always going above and beyond to keep their customers happy.  I had not known until recently that Michter’s…

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Buffalo Trace announces Seasoned Wood…1st big rare release of 2016.


FRANKFORT, FRANKLIN COUNTY, KY (Feb. 29, 2016) – Buffalo Trace Distillery continues its homage to former Distillery owner Colonel E. H. Taylor, Jr. with a special release bourbon whiskey aged in seasoned wood oak barrels. This 100 proof, Bottled-In-Bond, small batch wheat recipe bourbon was aged well over a decade…

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Subourbia’s Definitive Newbie Guide to Bourbon


What is Bourbon? Before you ask me that, ask me what is Whiskey. Umm, ok.  What is Whiskey? Thank you for asking.  Whiskey is any distilled spirit that is made from a mash of fermented grains.  Let’s break that down.  As you must know by now simply by surviving college, liquor is different…

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